13 April 2007

I went to my first ballet

Yesterday, on the very day I was carping about men's clothing with Stephen Connolly, an invitation to the ballet flung me into the great generational sartorial divide—What belt goes with what?
Me, showered, in a navy suit and white shirt: "Help, everyone, I'm a little confused about belt selection."

Girlfriend, on the phone: "Don't listen to your father—black never goes with blue. Wear the oxblood belt and shoes."

Father, truculently: "If I took you to any men's shop in the city in a blue suit and that belt, they would think you'd walked off a farm."
The ballet? A thrill ride for the ages.

The clothes? I split the difference—black belt and oxblood shoes—and tried to keep my jacket buttoned. Wrong, I know: you shouldn't compound error with indecision.

I'm leaning toward dressing the way that young women prefer it, but I think it may set a bad precedent.

Glad for any guidance here.

(JJB Photo: "Bag.")


Stephen Connolly said...

JJ, JJ ... where do I begin. As you well know the shoes must always match the belt. I agree with Dad - black acessories are perfect with a navy suit, which is nearly black anyway.

Oxblood,of course,complements a brown or grey suit. I do agree that pleasing your escort trumps any other consideration, within reason.

JJB said...

I know, the mismatched shoes and belt were a sin, but I felt lost and maligned.

Vote accepted, Stephen -- thanks. For the record, could you please state your age?

Roland said...

Father knows best.

Fear no Philly Curl

JJB said...

Little worried to take fashion tips from the pony-tailed.

JJB said...

Three cool women in their early thirties at brunch this morning: all voted oxblood. See what I'm talking about?