05 April 2007

My last six Google searches

A modern Rorschach test, yes. Make of it what you will.
  • Haber Bosch
  • "best-connected"
  • "most well-connected"
  • "blood sweat and tears"
  • "blood sweat and tears" nhl
  • "infant hats" "knife play"
And yours? (Waggle your cursor over the 'entry' field.)


Anonymous said...

"Centro Cultural Vila Flor"
"chicago artopolis"
"paru's beverly los angeles"
"Dan Graham Performer/Audience/Mirror"
"Bartleby the Scrivener"
"Ian McEwan Tina Brown"

JJB said...

Compiling a perplexing profile of you as we speak. Interesting.

Rosa said...

The next voice you hear
Dan Duryea
Invitation to the Dance Gene Kelly
Western Movie
Urban Times

Rosa said...

Although after the post before I suppose I could have said that "I prefer not to"

JJB said...

Not sure I get you... Prefer not to do those things?