20 April 2007

Describing: Gunter Sachs

Only liquids were consumed. I celebrated with him. The last thing he said to me, at five o'clock the next morning, was that I was a girl, a coward, because I insisted I had had enough.

Hundreds of eager young men tried to emulate Rubi's manner, accent, and way with women. No one observed him more closely than Gunter Sachs, a hollow-eyed German with a protruding lip and a cowboy gait."

—From "Princes, Playboys, and High-class Tarts," by Taki Theodoracoupolous.

Fritz Gunter Sachs (b. November 14, 1932) is a German mathematician, photographer, and multi-millionaire industrialist.


Deena said...

John, re: the last comment you left me: This is a whole new level of writing. It's both unwitty AND tasteless. That's just not like you. Or is it?!

Anonymous said...

John, John, John. . .
How long you been outta school?
It is Gunter, not Gunther.
Hold the "H."

JJB said...

So it is. Umm, one out of three ain't good. Emending now.