17 May 2007

The story of my experiments with coolant

My sister gave me a 1986 Honda Civic. It overheats like a mofo. Today, trying to fix it, I scalded my hand with radiator fluid and dropped a pickle into the cooling fan.

Two days and $93.00 invested—still undriveable.


DeaconFrost said...

John how did you do that? Were you heating a Big Mac over the engine or something? You can't be that poor.

- Jesse F.

JJB said...

I was pondering the fan relay with a pickle in my mouth, I suppose. It all happened so fast.

Roland said...

In de pekel zitten.

Check the thermostat.

Gillian said...

I laughed. Picklehead.

gillian said...

Also, check out this guy.


Let me know what you think.

-Fp said...

Hey, I didn,t know pickles were commonly used tools for fixing cars. Has the car been satisfied with the pickle at least?