14 May 2008

Describing: Pascal Dangin

Dangin is on the short side, with a scruffy mustache and finger-in-the-socket frizz. He maintains the hours of a Presidential candidate; lately, he is a little tubbier than he would like. He was wearing, as is his custom, an all-navy outfit: New Balance sneakers, ratty cords, woollen sweater with holes in the armpits. He is not immune to the charms of things—he owns an Aston Martin, along with houses in Manhattan, Amagansett, and St. Bart’s—but, for someone who can pick apart a face in a matter of seconds (he once, apologetically, described his eyes as “high-speed scanners”), he is remarkably free of vanity.

—Lauren Collins, in "Pixel Perfect," a profile of Pascal Dangin, the world's foremost retoucher of photographs, in the May 12th issue.

[Extra: An example of Dangin's work, on the model who "needs the least help."]

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