22 June 2007

Lustre, envy, and Cat Stevens's conversion to Islam

Again, Mr. Cat Stevens. 
Isn't her hair lustrous? Doesn't it shine? How much shinier, would you say, are her infinity-symbol-shaped locks than your damp, lank, rapidly thinning ones? Fifty percent? Seventy? Eighty?

The number is hard to judge, but the result isn't—Pantene makes your hair jaw-droppingly shiny.


Roland said...

"and Cat Stevens's conversion to Islam"
Dept. of Absurdly Vague References

Anonymous said...

Lustre, Lustrous, Lusting after locks. Sex and death, lad. Sex and death.

JJB said...

Absurdly vague references: Ow, turn the knife a little more, Rolly.