04 February 2007

Gladwell, Prego, and true happiness

Quick hit for you. I've gotta write a profile of a reporter for Newswriting, so I'm researching Malcolm Gladwell, his trademark hair, and his 'ideas' beat.

Just found this this ten-minute TEDtalk he gave in September, 2006.

This is how TEDwhich stands for Technology, Entertainment, Designdescribes itself:
TED is an event like no other.
It brings together more than 1000 thought leaders, movers and
...in Monterey, California every year...
...for four days of learning, laughter and inspiration.
Learning, laughter, and inspiration... Brrrr: the very recipe for a teeth-grinding first date. The site is cooler than it sounds, but the punctuation is yearbookish throughout. And they misspelled his name.

(Alf, please skip this one.)

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