11 January 2007

Out of the blocks

Welcome, welcome.

This blog will be unlike the two others I've begun—I'll log more than six entries. Why, John, after an explosion of energy, does your blogging fall fallow?

Trade in my opinions is slow. Faithful blogging, as I'm sure you've noticed, requires vanity and a punishing commitment to honesty. (Thankfully, I exorcised both in a mercifully brief, early twenties, wee-hours-of-the-morning romance with writing blank verse, drunk, in my parent's kitchen.) And I'm an ENTP: ingenious, decisive, spunky (not in the British way), incapable of completing tasks.

Those three characteristics have served me well getting into relationships, though obviously not out of them. And a blog is a kind of relationship. So let's sit down here on the couch and I'll pour you a glass of wine.

Whatever happens, I promise I'll call you in the morning.

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